The separation spell to help you move on from a bad relationship

A separation spell is necessary when you must let go and move on from a nasty relationship

Have you ever had a bad relationship? I mean, bad. Not good at all. Sometimes you can even say it was like a complete disaster. Well, I know that feeling. The separation spell voodoo gets you out of there as quickly as possible.

You’ve likely tried everything to end your stormy romance affair. Maybe you’ve been attempting to change yourself or to change your partner. Perhaps you’ve wanted to change the situation. If that hasn’t worked, you may wonder if you’ve tried everything.

Maybe it’s time to use the separation spell voodoo to break up. Time to let go and move on. But before you make a clean break, I have a few simple tools to help you get through the challenging emotional phase of leaving a relationship.

What is a separation spell?

Separation spells are voodoo rituals our team of Wiccan devotees and fortune-tellers at African traditional healers use to help keep people from getting back together with exes.

It’s not necessarily about getting back together with the ex; it’s about protecting yourself from potential heartbreak during and after your breakup.

One ritual for a breakup voodoo involves rubbing your hands over your body and saying, “I am free from this relationship, and I am safe.” You’re saying, “My mind and spirit are clear of this person. My heart and soul are clear of this person.”

The secret to ending bad relationships

We all have romantic affairs that have gone south. It happens. But the key to ending a bad romantic experience is gracefully ending it.

To begin with, recognize that there is something wrong with the relationship and not the other person. Be fair to the other person.

Think about what they want, need, and desire in a romantic affair. Consider how the other person feels about the romantic experience.

If you can’t do any of those three things, cast the separation spell to break up immediately and let the other person go. Don’t waste time on people who don’t care about you.

What should I expect after I cast my separation spell?

It feels good to cast a breakup voodoo, but it’s essential to recognize that it’s also a bit of a mind game. No matter how well you think you’re doing, your partner is also thinking about you.

If you want to ensure that your partner leaves you gracefully, you must acknowledge this. When you do that, breaking up and letting go is more manageable.

A woman makes her point clear to her ex-boyfriend after casting the separation spell

How do you let go of a bad relationship?

If you’ve been in a long-term romantic affair and trying to move on, it can be challenging to let go of all the feelings that come with a breakup, and I would recommend a breakup voodoo to help you do just that.

Separation spells are very similar to love spells; we use love spells to attract a mate, while breakup spells end a nasty romantic affair.

Who do I go to when I need a separation spell?

Traditional healers such as shamans and wizards are still around and even popular today.

Though the term shaman may imply a native person, anyone with knowledge of the occult and magic can cast a breakup voodoo.

Our team of diviners at African traditional healers has cast the separation spell for decades and helped thousands break up and walk away from toxic relationships.

Be sure to include the names of the people in the relationship you want to leave

When casting the breakup spell, it’s vital to ensure that your ex gets a chance to know what happened between you. It’s imperative to spell out the reason for breaking up in detail and that you’re leaving, and it’s the only way to remove doubt that you’re making the right decision.

So when casting the breakup voodoo, include the names of the people in the relationship you want to leave, and it makes it clear that it was not just a casual romantic affair but one exclusive to both parties.

Casting the separation spell helps you let go of the anger, resentment, and pain

A separation spell has no side effects

There are two types of spells – one that you cast to harm someone else and another which causes no harm.

This breakup spell has no side effects; it is only for separating yourself from someone likely to hurt you without any cause.

Ask yourself the tough questions

There’s no doubt that the separation spell is one of the most challenging spells to cast. To make it happen, you must be sure you want to break up with the person.

To know whether or not it’s truly the right move, you have to look deep within yourself and ask yourself some tough questions. After you’ve thought through your answers, ask yourself whether or not the relationship is worth the fighting.

If you can’t answer yes to those questions, you might want to take a step back and give yourself some time to consider if it’s still worth it.

How to use a separation spell

This spell, named after the medieval witch who first cast it, should be done alone at night, preferably under a full moon. It is performed by drawing a circle on the ground, then drawing a line through it, symbolizing the breakup between the two individuals.

Next, you need to visualize the other person in a dream state. You’re asking them to appear again, but this time without control over what they say and do. You can then ask them what you want to do next to move forward with your romantic affair.

Break it off clean and fast

A separation spell is a magical technique that can help you break away from a relationship that isn’t good for you.

You can use a breakup voodoo if you feel emotionally attached to someone else and are starting to feel uncomfortable, bored, frustrated, etc.

Casting a separation spell forces the individual to choose between staying in the current situation or moving on and being single.

A separation spell to help you move on

If you’ve been in a stormy romantic affair before, you know how hard it is to break up and cut ties with someone you love.

When you must separate from someone you care about, you don’t have to feel ashamed.

Separating is never easy, but sticking to a separation spell can make the breakup process a little easier.

Use the separation spell to end a bad relationship without delay

Learn to love yourself

Everyone needs to learn to love themselves now and again. When it comes to relationships, it’s essential to know what you want and what you don’t want.

By being aware of what you’re looking for in a partner and knowing what you don’t want, you’ll be able to attract the perfect mate.

You need to be ready and willing to let go of something if your partner isn’t living up to your standards.

The critical elements of a separation spell

The critical elements of a breakup voodoo are the words you use.

It’s helpful if you have a picture of a loved one or pet that you could incorporate into your writing.

Make sure to select an image that conveys feelings of peace and safety, even if you intend your spell for an angry or complex individual.

Incorporating a photo or drawing of a loved one is a great way to express the emotions you wish to evoke in the recipient of your spellwork.

It’s also helpful to choose a photo of a partner from a happy time in the past.

Stop wasting time and money on a bad relationship

Do you love yourself? Or do you hate your flaws? If you are constantly obsessing about your appearance, you probably have a specific defect that is most likely something you’ll never be able to fix.

Even if you eliminate that particular flaw, the next one will appear. Think of this: if you were going to spend all of your money to remove every hair from your body to please your lover, you’d be broke in just one month.

So why would you waste time and money trying to perfect your body to please your lover? It doesn’t matter if you have a fat face, chubby thighs, or a big nose; there is always someone who looks better.

An image showing a distraught man before using our separation spell to ease the pain of a broken heart

Choose a separation spell that fits your situation

There are tons of separation spells available today. This spell selection process is pretty straightforward; you must figure out which breakup voodoo will work best for your particular situation. You should consider two things:

  1. How long do you want the spell to last?
  2. What should the desired effect be?

Using spells to end long-distance relationships

Long-distance romantic affairs are complex and can be a bit of a minefield for the involved people.

Sometimes the problems stem from misunderstandings or even intentional missteps on the part of the person who is far away.

If you are in such a situation, you need to know that the separation spells can help you get through any difficult period and make changes in your love life.

When is a separation spell appropriate?

A separation spell is appropriate if you want to create a strong sense of separation from a relationship that’s no longer healthy.

In its most literal sense, it can help remove the influence of a negative thought or feeling plaguing you for weeks or even years. Some say it’s effective when you want to break up and leave a dangerous or harmful situation.

Others say it can help you let go of a loved one you’ve lost touch with because you’re no longer comfortable around them.

Don't fall back into a bad relationship

If you’ve ever had a nasty romantic affair, you may have wanted to keep moving on, but the pull of your old partner was too strong. For a while, you might feel like you’ve done all you can, but in reality, it’s still possible to get out of the situation.

A separation spell can help you escape any case, no matter how tough it may seem. Separation spells can help break unhealthy connections holding you and prevent you from falling back into bad relationships.

A photo shows a man and woman yelling at each other; a separation spell can help you avoid and overcome such problems

Are there other types of separation spells?

A traditional spell for getting a guy or girl to move on from you would be a breakup spell. In this type of spell, you request that they permanently break up with you.

You can achieve the breakup using either a separation or a breakup spell. A divorce spell is more appropriate if you are in a permanent relationship(marriage) that is causing you to feel upset and sad.

If the marriage is over, then you will need a divorce spell. However, if you are still in a romantic affair but unhappy, you will need a separation spell.

Casting a white magic spell is an excellent place to start when ending a relationship

If you are trying to end a romantic affair, you want to cast a white magic spell. People often use the white magic to break a negative cycle.

Whether you are trying to break up with someone, end a romantic affair, or close down a business or business venture, it’s essential to use a method that is not only successful but has a positive effect.

A white magic spell is generally potent, and if you are trying to end a relationship or business, you may need to cast it repeatedly. It can also help someone heal from a breakup.

Separate your emotions from your mind

People often use emotions to justify actions or feelings. You might feel anger because your partner unjustly treated you.

You might also feel hatred towards someone who is mean to you or you think is trying to harm you. Or, you might feel jealousy because someone else gets what you want.

We often don’t realize that our feelings base on thoughts. But when we do, we can easily separate our emotions from our thoughts.

You can achieve a peaceful breakup from a harassing ex by using the separation spell

The separation spell stops you from feeling guilty

Separation spells allow you to separate from a relationship or a situation without feeling guilty.

To work correctly, you must believe in yourself and know that you deserve more than you’re getting. It’s similar to the spell of breaking a habit.

You are more likely to succeed if you believe you can separate from a romantic affair or situation without feeling bad.

The only way to believe in yourself is to know yourself. You can’t fake self-confidence.

Use your intuition

You need to listen to your intuition to figure out when you need to cast a spell to break up with a significant other.

“Sometimes the signs are there before you even realize they’re there,” says Susan Murphy, a licensed marriage counselor, author, and teacher. “Often, people don’t want to leave a relationship for fear of failure or of what they’ll find on the other side.”

But sometimes, the signs are apparent. You should pay attention to the red flags before you call it quits on a romantic affair.

What happens when you cast a separation spell?

A separation spell uses the energy of love to help ease the pain and confusion that comes from being left behind by a significant other.

This spell also works to break up old romantic relationships. The spell also helps those who want to end a romantic affair and move on without fighting.

Separation spells are powerful ways to communicate that you're only ready to move forward with someone under certain conditions

Accept your situation and move forward

To change your life, you must take a deep breath and be honest. Then, you need to take a step back and accept your current situation and all the challenges you’ll face.

After you acknowledge the truth about yourself and your current situation, you can start moving forward.

A common phrase used to help individuals move beyond this step is “A separation spell.” You might say, “I want to separate myself from this,” or “I’m separating myself from this.”

Use the separation spell wisely

Separation spells are powerful ways to communicate that you’re ready to move forward with someone, but only under certain conditions.

If you choose to separate yourself from a relationship, it’s because you’ve realized that it’s not going anywhere or there is no point.

Separation spells are powerful because you transmit to the other person that your time is valuable.

How do you find out if you need to break up?

While the end goal of all relationships is to become happily married, the early stages of a romantic affair are a bit more challenging to navigate.

At this point, you’re just getting to know each other, which means that you have no way of knowing if this person will be good for you or not, so you need to be very careful.

Before jumping into a long-term relationship, you need to do some research. Determine whether you’ll be compatible and if so, find out if there are any red flags.

What are some excellent reasons for casting a separation spell?

Whether you want to stop a romantic affair or end a bad one, the first step is to acknowledge the truth about your feelings.

Then, it would help if you found a way to express how you feel.

And finally, you have to take action. There is real magic and power to the process of casting a separation spell.

The spell is simply a matter of doing what is necessary to create change in your life and move forward toward your desired goal.

What are the risks involved in using a separation spell?

Any magical practice carries some risks. These spells are powerful and can have various effects depending on what the caster wishes to achieve.

Some spells can be very dangerous and cause severe damage to a target if misused or performed incorrectly. There are some potential dangers with any magic spell.

However, we have been using our spells at African traditional healers in a controlled and safe environment for decades.

Our team of highly trained practitioners ensures that the spells we use are safe and effective.

A picture showing a woman yelling at her husband before learning about the separation spell to help her walk away without a fight
  • If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, use the separation spell to remind yourself that your love is somewhere.
  • Let go of the anger, resentment, and pain by casting the separation spell.
  • You’re better off without this guy anyway, so it might as well be over now.
  • If you know, they have been cheating on you, cast the spell to stop the cheating before it starts.
  • Cast the separation spell to keep yourself from getting sucked back into a toxic relationship.


The separation spell works because we base it on the idea of letting go of something to be free of it. So, in a nutshell, you are letting go of something to gain something else, such as freedom, happiness, love, peace, and money.

You can use the separation spell to help you let go of someone you no longer love. The separation spell is safe, quick, easy to perform, and effective. You can use it to end a nasty romantic affair, improve a bad relationship, and even avoid a bad romantic experience.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today. We’ll help you find solutions to your love problems.