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Facts about erectile dysfunction by age

Erectile dysfunction by age

A photo of a playful naked couple demonstrates the benefits of preventing erectile dysfunction by age. Men lose up to 50% of their erection function by the time they hit their early 50s. That makes late middle age—when men are at their most sexually active—a difficult time to let ED creep up on you.

Erectile dysfunction by age affects aging men of all races, but the fact is, if you’re between 30 and 65 years old, you are more likely to be experiencing problems with limp-dickedness than other men.

Men are most likely to have an ED when they are between the ages of 30 and 65 years and are experiencing some level of stress in their life, such as unemployment, relationship problems, medical problems, or other issues that might impact their quality of life.

When it comes to ED, you need to know the facts to get the proper treatment. Learn about what causes limp-dickedness, how to tell if it’s something serious, and when to seek help.

Risk factors of erectile dysfunction by age

For those that are sexually active, there is a good chance you’ve been affected by limp-dickedness at some point in time. ED is the inability to erect and maintain a full hard-on while having sexual intercourse. Damage to one of the nerves of the penis usually causes ED.

Many factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, alcoholism, and smoking, can cause damage to the nerves of the penis. Age is a risk aspect for many causes of limp-dickedness. Many men over 40 years experience problems with erections.

Treatment options

Most people will never see a doctor because they are embarrassed or ashamed. Erectile dysfunction by age (ED) affects 1 in 10 men between 40 and 70 years.

However, many people are embarrassed to talk about it and do not know where to start. There are various medications to treat this condition, but some people prefer the natural remedies we make at African traditional healers.

A picture of a couple in love illustrates the benefits of having regular sex to avoid erectile dysfunction by age.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction by age

The term “erectile dysfunction” refers to problems with the function of the dick during sex. The two most common causes of ED are aging (as men get older, their blood flow decreases) and diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other conditions that contribute to ED include obesity, alcohol use, depression, physical stress, poor diet, and prescription drugs.

Prevention strategies

Some men who experience sexual dysfunction may be able to reduce their risk of limp-dickedness with specific strategies. For example, some studies show that exercise, weight loss, and quitting smoking may help prevent impotence in older men.

Men with a history of a heart attack or stroke, diabetes or high cholesterol, or heavy smokers have a higher risk of ED. Certain medications and alcohol can also worsen erectile function. Men with ED may be able to reverse or minimize the effects of ED with natural herbal treatment.

Common myths about erectile dysfunction by age

Aging in men causes limp-dickedness. This common myth about limp-dickedness is one of the most pervasive but also inaccurate and damaging. The fact is that many young men have limp-dickedness.

And in fact, some research has suggested that it might be the norm rather than the exception. Limp-dickedness is a medical condition, and it’s possible to see a specialist. While it’s true that more and more people are living longer, it’s essential to know that limp-dickedness can affect all ages.

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A man can remain fertile as he ages, but if his testosterone levels start to decline, he could be at risk of developing ED.

Limp-dickedness in older men is most often due to physical factors such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and prostate cancer, as well as neurological factors such as depression. But psychological causes also include low libido, stress, and anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction by age treatment options

In addition to their primary focus of providing general healthcare and medicine to the public, traditional African doctors are also capable of helping men with limp-dickedness.

Traditional African healers don’t use western drugs but instead rely on natural herbal remedies. Their ability to treat problems in ways that are not as readily available elsewhere makes them unique.


An image of an old happy couple demonstrates that if you treat erectile dysfunction by age, you can enjoy your sex life regardless of how old you get. A man produces a hard-on when erotically aroused. However, a variety of conditions may interfere with this process. Symptoms include a lack of sexual desire, problems with achieving a hard-on, or painful ejaculation.

Common causes include psychological factors (such as stress or anxiety), medication side effects, vascular disease, physical injury, and medical conditions (such as diabetes). Some causes, such as hormone replacement therapy, are treatable, and others may require surgery.

Erectile dysfunction by age prevention strategies

A combination of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease often causes ED. Taking a multivitamin is one strategy for men who experience limp-dickedness due to low vitamin intake.

Another approach is to consume foods rich in zinc, a trace mineral found in many foods, such as whole grains, lean red meat, nuts, seafood, beans, and poultry. Zinc is essential to maintain healthy blood flow, and research suggests it may benefit men suffering from limp-dickedness.

What is limp-dickedness?

Limp-dickedness is the inability to achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. ED affects more than 150 million men worldwide and approximately 30 million in the US, making it the most common male sexual disorder.

It can affect any age, but it’s often tied to stress and depression. The most prevalent treatment for limp-dickedness is oral medication or injection to stimulate blood flow. For patients seeking fast relief of symptoms, non-prescription treatments can be used, including herbal supplements.

The importance of diet in the prevention of erectile dysfunction by age

One of the causes of ED is poor diet, and the most common cause of erectile dysfunction by age is a problem with blood flow or vascular damage. ED has many risk aspects, including age, obesity, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, stress, and heart disease.

So, while there are multiple causes of limp-dickedness, it is essential to note that diet plays a significant role in preventing this condition and improving your health.

Stress management

ED in men is often a symptom of stress and depression. We’ve already covered how stress can impact your health, but here we highlight the connection between stress and ED.

Depression is the leading cause of ED, and studies show that up to 90 percent of men with ED experience symptoms of depression. Stress and anxiety can cause blood vessels in the penis to narrow, which prevents blood flow into the organ, and thus, ED.

Preventing erectile dysfunction by age helps you perform in bed beyond your 80s

Exercise helps prevent ED

Limp-dickedness is a condition in which a man experiences difficulty getting and maintaining a hard-on. It occurs when the blood supply to the dick isn’t sufficient to provide an adequate level of blood flow to the tissue and muscle.

Erectile Dysfunction by age is prevalent in men, especially those aging and over 50 years old. Exercise can help improve erection function and reduce the risk of developing a limp dick. If you exercise regularly, the chances of suffering from ED decrease, and your overall health improves.

How to treat ED

When treating limp-dickedness, most people look for a prescription or over-the-counter drug to treat their condition.

But many men can quickly treat their limp-dickedness at home and improve their health with a few natural remedies.

At African traditional healers, we provide natural herbal ED treatment products that you can use in the comfort of your home.

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Social factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction by age

There is a chance that erectile dysfunction by age could be due to aging itself. It is also possible to consider several social factors, including stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, or fear.

Alternative treatments

There are many effective alternatives to Viagra if you struggle to achieve a quality hard-on during sex, including acupuncture, hypnosis, herbs, and even a penis pump.

Acupuncture, hypnosis, and herbs can effectively treat ED and improve your health because they target the brain’s control center. These treatments also help the nerves in the dick return to their normal state.

Some men with ED may find that natural herbs can increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in a stronger hard-on. While these treatments all work, they take a little work to make them successful.

Psychological issues can trigger erectile dysfunction by age

Research has indicated that men with sexual dysfunction might experience depression, anxiety, or stress, and these conditions can make it difficult for them to achieve a hard-on.

While physical problems cause some cases of limp-dickedness, many are not, and the psychological issues behind the condition are often the cause.

ED as a symptom

People tend to assume ED is a sign of declining health and an indicator of old age, but that isn’t necessarily the case. There’s a strong link between ED and heart disease.

Heart problems can cause ED by causing the arteries that deliver blood to the penis to constrict, which reduces blood flow to the dick and may lead to erection failure.

Other medical conditions contributing to ED include depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and kidney disease.

Medications used to treat these conditions, poor nutrition, and alcohol may also cause ED. Several natural herbal products can cure ED and improve your health.

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Sex therapy

The number of people who deal with ED problems will surprise you, and you will quickly learn that almost all men deal with ED.

Some deal with it sooner than others, and some deal with it later. The reasons for limp-dickedness can range from aging to genetics, injury to medication, mental illness, smoking, and drinking.

What are the facts about erectile dysfunction by age?

In the USA, over 40 million men suffer from limp-dickedness. In men aged between 40 and 70 years, the prevalence is higher than 30 percent. Men aged 50 to 59 years have a 25 percent rate of ED.

ED has many potential causes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, aging, and certain medications. Fortunately, treatments are available, including various natural herbal products.

Limp-dickedness is treatable, but treatment may take time. For some men, lifestyle changes may help, such as reducing stress, eating healthier, exercising more, and losing weight.

An image of a couple that's happily in love after implementing erectile dysfunction by age treatment options

ED is a common disorder

It’s the most common form of male impotence, affecting around 6 million men annually in the United States. As many as 40% of men over 50 have some degree of ED.

About half of all patients seeking treatment for the disorder don’t respond to the best medications available. The problem can begin in childhood and adolescence when hormonal changes can cause problems with blood flow.

It is essential to be confident in your body

The older you get, the more prone your body gets to problems since it has already been through many changes. Limp-dickedness is a problem affecting people around the world.

As much as you want to ignore it, limp-dickedness could affect you. By knowing what happens to your aging body, you can understand why confidence in your body is essential to take care of it as much as possible.

Limp-dickedness can affect a person's quality of life

When you have limp-dickedness, there may be times when you are unable to get aroused or have a hard-on. Physical health issues with blood flow and the nervous system often cause erection problems.

The good news is that limp-dickedness doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with someone. Many treatment options for limp-dickedness can help you overcome the issue and restore your ability to enjoy fulfilling sex life

Limp-dickedness is a genuine health issue

Data from the International Journal of Impotence Research indicates that limp-dickedness is a natural, physical issue affecting about thirty million men in the United States alone.

About 5 percent of aging men, 40 to 70 years, have some degree of sexual dysfunction, and half of those affected have moderate or severe ED.

Men concerned about ED may want to consider a couple of simple solutions that don’t involve taking a pill or visiting a doctor.

These include drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables, getting more sleep, and trying yoga, acupuncture, and other natural herbal alternative treatments.

Some people are more prone to erectile dysfunction by age than others

While some people have problems with limp-dickedness at an early age, there is a range of ages during which it is more likely to occur. While many men may experience a limp dick before 40 years of age, as you get older erectile dysfunction by age becomes more and more common.

There are treatments available for limp-dickedness, and we recommend natural herbal products as the best options for you.

How to treat ED at home

When a man experiences erection problems, he may feel embarrassed. It’s not a nice thing to experience limp-dickedness. However, it is not uncommon for men to suffer from this problem.

The best part is that there are many ways to treat it at home. For seven days, you must use one of our natural herbal products, like the herbal impotence treatment cream. This cream is very effective for treating limp-dickedness.

It works within two to three weeks, and the results are permanent. It helps to strengthen the erection of the dick. Once you apply the cream to your penis, it starts working. The cream gets absorbed into the blood vessels of your dick.

A picture of a couple smiling at each other, being free and happy is one of the ways to avoid erectile dysfunction by age.

Sexual problems in older men

An epidemic of erectile dysfunction by age is a severe problem for many men over 50 years. Almost half of all men between 55 and 69 years have some degree of limp-dickedness.

A combination of physical issues, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, often makes erection difficult for many older men.

While the causes of limp-dickedness are still not fully understood, most cases appear to be related to medical conditions or medications. At times, there is no identifiable cause.

How to find help for erectile dysfunction by age

For those who are suffering from limp-dickedness due to age, there are several options available. You can use the conventional method, which involves taking medicines, or opt for safer, non-invasive remedies.

We have several herbal treatments available, and one of these treatments is the natural herbal remedy.

Tips to prevent ED

ED can develop in many ways, including the effects of aging and lifestyle. It’s not just a straightforward solution.

However, if you can figure out the causes, you’ll likely be able to deal with it in a way that keeps it from developing further.

Here are some things you can do to prevent limp-dickedness:

  1. Get to know yourself. Know your triggers. What makes you aroused?
  2. Find your flow state. It’s all about finding the zone.
  3. Start small. Just doing it once a week can help improve your situation.
  4. Don’t overthink it. Some men feel guilty if they don’t get a boner.

Limp-dickedness and your family

ED can be a severe issue for men, especially if they have children. It affects a man’s ability to perform sexually.

Limp-dickedness can cause the man anxiety, guilt, shame, frustration, and embarrassment and can even cause tension between the couple.

It can negatively affect a man’s self-image and overall self-esteem. However, ED doesn’t have to be a severe problem, and in fact, it’s treatable.

Is there something you can do about erectile dysfunction by age?

An image of a kissing man and woman, kissing is one of the methods used to make a man aroused and overcome erectile dysfunction by age. You can do many things to treat your erectile dysfunction by age, such as having sex often or using natural herbal products. Many treatments are available to men suffering from ED.

Erections improve over time for the vast majority of men after using treatment. However, some causes of ED that are treatable (or at least partially treatable) include diabetes and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, many men do not realize that they have a problem until it has become a major one, and they assume that they are experiencing a normal part of aging.

  • Erectile dysfunction is common and can affect any man at any time.
  • The number of older men who suffer from ED has increased significantly over the last decade.
  • Approximately 50 percent of men 65 years or older have limp-dickedness.
  • Men with diabetes are more likely to have ED than men without it.
  • Alcohol use, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression can increase the risk of ED.
  • Over half of all ED cases occur without a man’s knowledge.
  • Limp-dickedness affects more than 150 million men worldwide.
  • Erectile dysfunction is more common among older men.

If you have erectile dysfunction, you’ll be glad to know that many natural remedies can help you with your problem.

Using the right products to cure limp-dickedness naturally and quickly is very important. We have several products proven to treat limp-dickedness effectively and safely.

Contact us now and take advantage of the natural treatments for limp dick!